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  • re-discover documents and images.
  • manage MS Outlook
  • emails.
  • classify your data into searchable assets.
  • learn more  
  • everything in classic
  • and...
  • apps that...
  • track digital identities.
  • NoteScraper to explore
  • your note stack.
  • virtual assistant to
  • remind.
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Leverage your Digital assets....
Classic Doxplore - designed to quickly locate documents, emails and images.
Professional Doxplore - your virtual assistant.
Doxplore is now available in Dutch, French and Spanish.

save time
increase efficiency
peace of mind

  • Locating the precise document feel like searching for a needle in a hay stack ???
  • Customer restlessly waiting for you to forward an old email while you haven't looked up half the mountain of emails yet ???
  • Imagine having the best of software for all functions and loosing a deal because you could not locate a scanned image in time!
  • Doxplore is the answer to all such needs to save time and minimize the cost of finding information.

Document Management for Windows

intuitive, productive, high ROI

  • While enterprise and online document management and document sharing is fine, the individual desktop has been largely overlooked.
    Employees spend majority of their time with documents and scanned images on their individual PC and there is waste of time and efficiency is impacted, this is where Classic Doxplore comes in as a tool that saves valuable time and thereby money for businesses.
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MS Outlook Email Management

explore, search, act

  • Efficient Search : Searches can be targeted with specific email senders, email subject, content.
  • E-Classify emails : Email search in Doxplore has a powerful dimension of having the ability to multi-classify emails. Create your own classifications, apply to emails, and then search later based on combination of classification and/or email contents.
  • Smart management : Eliminate storage of spam email by Blocking email senders. You can also delete existing emails sent from a specific email address.
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Image Management for Windows

scan, classify, search

  • When you urgently need a 2 year old project proposal or a screenshot of a vendor product, Doxplore will be your virtual assistant that will deliver it to you in seconds rather than hours spent on rummaging a large set of documents. Most organizations have a large number of hard copies which are scanned but cannot be used as a knowledge base as they are very hard to locate as its unrealistic to expect to remember each image file name. Doxplore brings in the dimension of 'Properties' which is a way to classify these images and thereby rendering them as searchable assets.
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Professional Doxplore

Professional Doxplore has all the features of Classic Doxplore and additional apps to boost productivity further.

Set Reminders : Now create all your work related fixed date and recurring reminders and complete all your tasks in time.

NoteScraper : Build your stack of notes that are to be referenced later. It works like your post it notes and yet does not leave your desktop messy!!!


Digital Identities : Handy access to your online ID's and registration in Doxplore. So no matter how many unique online identities you have, all of them will be a mouse hover away!


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